Beautiful Result with MagicEyes Laser Eye Color Change

  • MagicEyesLasr   •   October 18, 2023

Laser Eye Color Change Result for Brown Eye

You can have this result after 8 sessions ( 32 Days) of laser treatment. You can see before and after photos of this Grade 4 eye.

General information about our laser eye color change procedure.

Our procedure is eye color change with laser. It is “permanent” and natural.

We do maximum 2 sessions ( 8 days) one after another. (Our 1 session is done in 4 days) After that you need to wait minimum 4 weeks to have more sessions and changing come in 4 weeks.

With our procedure brown eye first changes to dark gray, then to medium gray and then to gray-blue.

You can find how many session days you need below. Please read carefully;

Eye color classification:

  • Grade 0: Blue Eyes

  • Grade-1: Green Eyes

  • Grade-2: Light brown eyes

  • Grade-3: Middle brown eyes

  • Grade-4: Dark brown eyes

  • Grade-5: Black eyes

According to this classification:

  • Grade 1 turns to gray-blue color after  1-2 Sessions

  • Grade 2 turns to gray-blue color after 3-4 Sessions

  • Grade 3 turns to gray-blue color after 5-6 Sessions

  • Grade 4 and 5 turns to gray-blue color after 6-7-8 sessions

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